How to use a different value for the Subject of a "Generic" service request, so that SDAs have some idea what the request is for

Version 1


    Out of the box, HEAT includes a "Generic service request". This is often customized for miscellaneous requests that are either not easily categorized into, or do not justify creation of, their own request offerings.

    The challenge left by this approach is that Service Desk Analysts are left to see the subject of simply "Generic Request", and cannot quickly ascertain what the request might be for, without opening it.


    To work around this, it is assumed that you have implemented some field in the request offering in which the end-user will provide some alternate summary:

    From here, you need only to add an "Update" block to the Generic Request workflow fulfillment, as follows:

    Using this syntax, the user will provide the summary in the offering:

    Although, all other service requests will continue to show normal summaries/"Subjects" for SDAs, this one will pull in the provided summary: