How to change which Form is used for Object Matching popups

Version 1


    When you type in the Summary of an Incident and tab out of the field or click the magnifying glass (1), related items appear on the right hand side (2). This is the Object Matching panel. When you select one of these related items, a popup window (Form) appears displaying the matched record (3). 

    If you need to change which Form is displayed, follow these instructions. 


    It is assumed that the Form you wish to use has already been created and you know the name of it.

    - Log in to the tenant with the Administrator role
    - Go to Configure Application
    - In the left menu go to Build > Page Layouts (1)
    - Select the Role for whom you wish to change the Form (e.g. Service Desk Analyst) (2)
    - By the Object you wish to change (e.g. Incident) click Edit (3) 

    - Go to the formView
    - Select 'Edit Matching Settings' (4)
    - Next to the matched Object you wish to change, click 'Edit Preview' (5)
    - From the 'Form for Hover Panel', select the new Form you wish to use (6)

    - Save changes