Due Date is missing for approvers added using the Add Approver button

Version 1


    When you use the Add Approver button on an Approval record to add an additional approver, that person has the opportunity to vote on the item, but they have no Due Date listed.  Therefore, they will never know that they need to approve by a certain time.  It looks like ad hoc approvers do not have the same information as an Approval Board approver.


    The Due Date is populated by the Get Approval workflow block, so it is missing on an ad hoc approval. The missing Due Date can be fixed via the following configuration:

    1. Log into the Admin Role
    2. Select Business Objects
    3. Search for and open FRS_ApprovalVoteTracking
    4. Select Business Rules
    5. Click Add Initialization Rule
    6. Set Field Name to DueDateTime
    7. Enter the value: $([FRS_Approval#.]DueDateTime)
    8. Save
    This should populate the value for approvals not generated via workflow.