Knowledge BO (Business Object) - what form is being used?

Version 1


    Can you tell me what form is being used in the Knowledge Business Object?  I need to add a field (Owner) to the form, but both of the forms in the Knowledge BO are blank.  Is it using a default form?  If so, could I import that into our own environment and make changes to it?  Have also noticed that when viewing Knowledge articles using the Service Desk Analyst role, there doesn't appear to be any form at all.  The fields appear to be floating on the page, loosely spaced.  There is no time frame of how long it's been this way, but it didn't always display like that.


    All the Knowledge 'types' have their own forms, etc. You can  find them by searching for 'frs_knowledge.' in the Business Object  search box. Make sure you include the '.' after knowledge so that items you are not interested in do not show. See image below. You will find all the forms for the  various Knowledge types within the individual objects.