A newly added status for the "Change" Object cannot be used

Version 1


    A newly added Change Status called "Logged2" and 2 new "Change Workflow Status" records got added.  “Logged” -> “Logged2” and then “Logged2” -> “Closed”  When selecting the new added status and trying to save the Change record the following Error occurs: --------------------------------------------------- Error List: Change 10705 cannot be saved because the following field is required: -  Status --------------------------------------------------


    In order to be able to use the new "Change" Status another "Change Workflow Status"- records needs to be added.

    “Logged” -> “Logged2”
    “Logged2” -> “Logged2”
    “Logged2” -> “Closed”

    The important part is that the 2nd record which is pointing to itself needs to be added