How to add a Header to the Social Board posting window on a Custom Business Object?

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    When making a Posting to the Social Board from Business Objects like Incident, Change - by default there is a Header shown with the Number and the  Summary:

    This article describes how to set up the Social Board Header on custom business objects.



    To get the Header to show on a Social Board pop-up window for a custom Business Object, perform the following steps:

    1) Add a field called "SocialTextHeader" to the custom Business Object.

    2) Create an Editing Rule on the Business Object on this field to populate the SocialTextHeader field with an expression with what you want in the header. e.g.: SocialTextHeader = $(Category + " Alert: " + Description)

    3) In the Quick Action that is run to create the Social Board Posting - in the Web UI parameters specify:
    {socialshare:true, elementId: $(elementId)}

    This is what puts the value into the Header

    Now when running the Post Social Board Quick Action a Header is displayed