How to Customize the Time Zones for the Outbound Emails

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    There is a list of time zones available to select in the Account Information for being the "preferred time zone for outbound email for your organization". These time zones are part of the operating system, and this article explains how to customize this list and the properties of a specific time zone.  The time zone object is related to all the Date and Time controls in the HEAT system, but is not related to the date-time signature for the outbound emails. This configuration can be modified in the Account Information option in the AdminUI, but the list is obtained from the Operating System of the Application Server, so they cannot be modified from the application, but from the OS.


    Microsoft provides a utility for editing the Operating System time zones, so please follow these steps to  configure your customized outbound email time zone:

    1. Download the Microsoft's utility TZEDIT from this address:
    2. Unzip the downloaded file in Application Server, by default in "C:\Program Files\TZEdit"
    3. Execute the tool "C:\Program Files\TZEdit\TZEDIT.EXE"
    4. Press the "New" button in the right hand
    5. Configure  your customized time zone with your preferences. This picture shows a  customized time zone with the same difference than the Amsterdam's  time zone. It is possible customizing the Time Zone Name and Abbreviation on any preference, but must be different of the existing abbreviations. The Time Zone Name will be shown in the emails as time zone signature:
    6. Press OK and restart the HEAT services.
    7. Once restarted, access the back-end administration area      from the "Configure Application" link. In the left hand      menu, please access into Configure >> Organization Profile      >> Account Information.
    8. There will be the question "What is the preferred      time zone for outbound email for your organization?", with a      drop-down combo. Please look into this combo-box and select the time zone      created in the step 5. Once finished, click Save.
    9. Please check that the change has been correctly saved,      refreshing the browser and then entering again inConfigure >>      Organization Profile >> Account Information.
    10. If it is correct, test the change. Please open an      incident, and in the "Action menu", select the option "Notifications      >> Resolution Threshold Breach", and check that the      time zone is shown correctly in the email received.