Dial Plan - IPCM

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    This article explains a Dial Plan within the IPCM system.


    A dial plan is a sequence of numbers a caller will dial to reach an endpoint. For instance, to dial long distance in the U.S. typically requires 1 + area code + local number. In IPCM, a dial plan will direct or route the call to various end points or activate specific IPCM features. For a very simple example, a caller may dial the prefix number 9 +  local number to reach an external phone end point. The prefix 9 will be associated with a gateway (trunk) configured in IPCM. When the caller dials 9 + phone number, the prefix 9 directs the call to this gateway which in turn is connected to the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) upon which the call is sent to its end point. 

    Below are general steps to employ this dial plan:

    1. In Management Portal > System Configuration >  SIP Soft Switch > Trunks and Gateways, a gateway/trunk can be created with the associated prefix number of 9.
    2. In Management Portal > System Configuration > SIP Soft Switch > Trunks and Gateways > selected gateway > Prefix Manipulation, the prefix 9 can be stripped from the phone number before sending the dialed number to the gateway.

    This dial plan may follow this generalized process:

    1. Agent using Agent Dashboard dials 9 + phone number
    2.  The prefix 9 is used to identify the gateway configured in Management Portal > System Configuration > SIP Soft Switch > Trunks and Gateways
    3. The call is routed to the identified gateway (configuration)
    4. Before sending the call to the gateway, the prefix 9 is stripped from the dialed phone number

    The prefix 9 may also be configured in IPCM to route the call to an application/IVR to perform some other action. Below is the dial plan for this configuration

    1. In Management Portal > System Configuration > Applications (Selector), an application selector can be created that identifies a call by its DNIS number or the number dialed. The criteria will be the "DNIS starts with 9". 
    2. The criteria "DNIS starts with 9" will call an application or IVR. This will be one of the applications in Management Portal > Application Builder
    3. The called application may perform any number of actions, one of which could be connecting a call to a specific gateway based on, again,  the prefix 9.

    There are several IPCM sections/settings that affect a dial plan. Below is a partial list of these locations.

    1. Management Portal > System Configuration > SIP Soft Switch > Trunks and Gateways > Prefix(es)
    2. Management Portal > System Configuration > SIP Soft Switch > Trunks and Gateways > Prefix Manipulation
    3. Management Portal > System Configuration > Application (Selector)
    4. Management Portal > Application Builder > (specific) Application > several different application blocks, such as Connect Call block or Interaction Property block using javascript.
    5. Management Portal > System Configuration > SIP Soft Switch > Phones
    6. Management Portal > System Configuration > Voice Server > Voice Server Configuration > SIP Configuration (tab) > Server's telephone number
    7. Management Portal > System Configuration > SIP Soft Switch > Restrictions