Email string for Date/Time not updating the correct time in the object field

Version 1


    We have an Inbox configured to update the object External Task (Task.WorkOrder) :  When attempting to set a date/time field with a string via the email, the date is recognised but the time is not and defaults to 01:00 AM (00:00 UTC).

    If we send another update, the date is updated but the time doesn't change.
    The email format used is:   TaskOnsiteDateTime:2014-09-28 17:30


    The colon in the timestamp (TaskOnsiteDateTime:2014-09-28 17:30) is preventing the email body from parsing correctly as this is used as the Field Value Separator. Changing the Field Value Separator from : to | resolves the issue.  TaskOnsiteDateTime|2014-09-28 17:30Now the time is stored as well as the date.