HEAT Survey e-mails not inserting the proper CallID value in the E-mail sent by BPAM

Version 1


    The Text in the Survey instructions contains the following Entry:

    Survey Admin guide, page 5, step 6, states the following:


    6. To retrieve the URL that you will use in the Business Process Rule or

    AutoTask to send the survey, return to the survey editor and click the

    survey properties link. You will be pasting this URL into the Business

    Process Rule used to send Post-Transaction surveys or the Send a

    Message AutoTask used to send On-Demand surveys. First edit the red text portion of the link:

    • &customer_id=xxxxxxx (on-demand or periodic survey) or

    &call_id=xxxxxxx (post-transaction survey) - The value to insert in

    place of the x’s should be the specific customer ID or call ID.

    Using just that text '&call_id=xxxxxxxx' will result in no number appearing in the e-mail. If the user replacing the 'xxxxxxxx' with numbers it will always use those numbers.



    In order to make the Survey e-mail dynamic, sending the call ID that matches the call that triggered the BPAM rule, you need to insert the '@CallID' function in place of the 'xxxxxxxx'. The text would then read:

    '&[email protected]'