How to display Time totals from all Child Objects within the Parent Object

Version 1


    This is to help sum up the totals (time spent, cost, etc) for all chidlren to display on a parent object


    Add a number field on the Parent ie. TotalTimeSpent as shown on Incident Create a new Business Rule on the Parent that will be triggered by a value on another field, ie. Status == "Closed" Create an Update Object quick action For the new number field, enter a ChildFold rule as shown below  $(ChildFold("#",  RecId,  "#.",  "",  "+"))  A good example to refer to is on Incident. You can find the Business Rule called "Update Cost When Closed". You'll find the cost updated with "$(ChildFold("Incident#",  RecId,  "Task#.",  "Cost",  "+") +  ChildFold("Incident#",  RecId,  "Frs_ITFM_Transaction#.CostItem",  "Cost",  "+"))"  and the Total Time Spent updated with "$(ChildFold("Incident#",  RecId,  "Task#.",  "ActualEffort",  "+"))"