How do I record historical Incidents by altering the CreatedDateTime field?

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    We have a business need to record historical incidents in HEAT. Currently you cannot back date incident create dates. This adversely affects our metrics. How can this requirement be supported? Is it a configuration issue?



    This is possible by doing something like the following:

    1.  First, go to the default form for your role(s).
    2.  Find the CreatedDateTime field on the form and click on the Control Properties tab.
    3.  Change this field from "Read-only Text" to "DateTime Picker"
    4.  Save these changes.
    5.  There is a Read Only rule configured on Incident for the CreatedDateTime field.  Alter this rule to be expression based and add an expression similar to the one below, adding in whatever user(s) should be allowed to edit the CreatedDateTime values.

    Essentially the above means that even though the field is a date picker, it will be read only for anyone other than the Admin as the CreatedBy field.  So whomever is listed in the expression, when they create a new Incident, he or she will have ability to change the CreatedDateTime.

    If there are too many people to list, you could do something like below and set it up so anyone other than the "Admin" role will have this field as Read Only and users of the Admin role will be able to change the date/time.