Where in HEAT Service Management 6x and 7x are IP addresses or DNS names used?

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    Moving virtual environments where in ITSM are IP addresses or DNS names used that would need to be updated?


    As long as you are always using DNS names, there should not be a problem. Just in case the primary areas that names/IP's are used are:

    1. \SelfService\ConnectionStrings.config (7x)
    2. \SelfService\web.config (Allowed IP's) **If running a separate web server and app server, this will need to be updated on both. (7x)
    3. The default 2tier connection on the application server.

    4. Service Management Administrator > System Settings > Server Settings (Any of services "Host Name")
    5. Any external connections in a definition set
    6. Not necessarily related to ITSM but could be a "gotchya" is the \Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts file.

    ** For 7x, as long as you are using DNS names, the Allowed IP's should be the only thing that needs to be amended.