Need instructions to create a new database with blank tables

Version 3


    Need instructions to create a new database with blank tables




    1. Log into GoldMine as a master user

    2. Go to Tools>>databases>>New

    3. Determine what you want to create and check the desired option(s), the below screen shows to create a full (contact set and GoldMine base table) and empty GoldMine database, therefore, both "Create or copy for contact set tables" and "Create or copy for base GoldMine tables" are checked.

    a. A new Contact Set >> most often used choice, which will create only directly contact related tables (CONTACT1, CONTACT2, CONTGRPS, CONTHIST, CONTSUPP, CONTTLOG, CONTUDEF, (HISTORY and HISTORY_ITEM)  A GoldMine system can work with several contact sets, for example, Archive, Customers, Leads etc. While different contact sets can be used, such differentiation between customer types would be also possible within a single contact set and record typing.

    b. Also a set of new GoldMine (base) tables which contain also the CAL, OPMGR, FILTERS, MAILBOX etc. tables. A GoldMine system can ONLY work with one GoldMine base, as the Mailbox, Calendars, Opportunities are shared and may contain information for records from all contact sets. This is the GOLDDIR entry from the GM.INI.



    4. Click NEXT

    5. Click on Alias manager button

    6. Click New Alias

    7. Fill out the information for your Alias:

    - Alias name: [New database name],

    - Server type: MSSQL, Host: [Your SQL server name],

    - Username: [SQL username],

    - Password: [SQL password]

    8. Click on "Create New database" and verify that it creates successfully

    9. Click "Test Connection" and verify that it connects successfully

    10. Click OK

    11. Select [New database name] from both dropdown lists and type: [New database name] in the line between the drop-down lists

    12. Click next

    13. Select the option: "Create blank tables" (no data, except a few system records)”

    14. Next

    15. Choose what user group to allow access to this database for. If all users, select PUBLIC.

    16. Specify a unique contact set code for the new database

    17. If desired, choose to allow database access from only this GoldMine installation.

    18. Next 

    19. Finish

    20. Click on "Yes" or "No" to the prompts that ask if you want to open this database now and if you want to make it the default database (please keep in mind that selecting YES on using the new MSSQL databases as default GoldMine database WILL change the GM.INI GOLDDIR entry for all users and they may not see any more information in their calendars, mailboxes etc.