When is the Linkacct field used in GoldMine Premium Edition and what is stored in this field?

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    When is the Linkacct field used in GoldMine Premium Edition and what is stored in this field?



    1. when is the Linkacct field used in GoldMine Premium Edition?

     it is used for

    - Rectype R = Referrals

    - Rectype E = Events (Assigned Tracks)

    - Rectype L = Linked Documents

    - Rectype P = E-mails and (extended) Profiles

     2. What is stored within the field?


    a. For Rectype E:


    Last time this event was processed. Format: YYYYMMDD


    This means there should never be a match regarding the SQL Query as the fieldcontent will never match a Recid format even if there are several Automated processes attached to one main record


    b. for Rectype R


    RecID of the linked record’s ContSupp referral record.


    the recid of the Referral record (within Contsupp) of the related record as this is a vice versa Referral. When double-clicking on the Referral record within GoldMine you will open the linked Contact1 record with the opened Referral tab. This procedure can be done again and you are on the original record again.


    An example for this would be:


    Accountno                           Rectype                Contact1                               Title (linked accountno)                    LinkAcct                               Recid

    97092374894%C>Z8        R                             For: LANSupport                94041300000126900Mar                 5LNKG64%K8P9 W<                 5LNKG64%KO:^ W<

    94041300000126900Mar R                             To: 123VIN3457                 97092374894%C>Z8 T                    5LNKG64%KO:^ W<                 5LNKG64%K8P9 W<


    Can there be a duplicate record per GMPE logic?


    No because when you create a new Referral - even for exactly the same Contact1 records the Recids for the new referral(s) are unique and only the Accountno and Title fields will contain the same information

     c. for Rectype L


    RecID of E-Mail record for e-mailed attachments.


    as this is a recid from a completely different table (Mailbox) there should never be a duplicate in the contsupp for this.

     d. for  Rectype P = Email-Addresses


    If E-Mail of secondary contact, then RecID of that contact record.


    As every additional contact can ONLY have one email-address -> See at additional Contact window field: E-mail! also in this case there should never be a duplicate recid in the Linkacct field (the name to which this email-address is related when it is stored in the Address2 field)



    e. For Rectype P = (extended) Details


    on extended Details the field LinkAcct can be setup individually as one of the 8 additional fields so this means

    a. the probability the customer has per accident something similar stored in this field like a Recid is very small

    b. the probability that 2 userdefined values in the Linkacct field are matching is even less

    c. that even when there are 2 userdef values from b are available the probability that this will even match a real contsupp recid record should be zero.


     As you can see from the above examples/explanations the Linkacct field should NEVER contain per definition "duplicate values" and additionally the the LinkAcct field is not used for the additional Contacts (Rectype = C), so the user should not be in danger of deleting any additional contacts BUT there is a logic issue in their interpretation of the query.

    This query shows the duplicate ContSupp records and does not give the results any value, meaning this is the correct Contsupp entry and this is the duplicate.

                                                                                                                          In case they really have orphaned records then of course the result should not only be deleted, the records should be investigated which information they are containing and which of the duplicates they should delete.