LDMSFrag V1.0 - Report Drive Fragmentation in LANDesk

Version 2

    ldmsfrag.pngLDMSFrag is a small utility (written in AutoitScript) that runs a defrag analysis on either all or selected fixed local drives. Results are stored in the registry for  LANDesk. Entries are (%) total drive space free, total fragmentation, file fragmentation, and Date LDMSFrag was ran. % is not stored just the numeric. The  information can then be queried on in LANDesk (e.g., list all computers with drive c total fragmentation over 30 %.


    The utility does not defrag the drive, just reports the fragmentation. My thoughts on this are that defragmentation is very IO, cpu, and time intensive. This can be better scheduled by you!


    Run LDMSFrag via the local scheduler or scheduled task with the command line options listed below. It only runs on Windows XP and higher.







    Registry Location (X is local drive letter - C:)
      HKLM\Software\Intel\Landesk\Inventory\Custom Fields
      DriveDateRan_X:     DD/MM/YYYY HH:MM:SS AM (Uses local Date FOrmat))
      DriveFileFrag_X:    0-9
      DriveFreeSpace_X:   0-9
      DriveTotalFrag_X:   0-9


    LANDesk Location
    Custom Data.Registry.LANDesk Custom Fields