How do I re-serialize my version of GoldMine?

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    How do I re-serialize my version of GoldMine?


    Here are the steps to reserialize/relicense your GoldMine:


    1. Verify that all users are logged out of GoldMine and that no one is Synchronizing (note: turn off the GoldSync service)

    2. Browse out to the GoldMine root directory on the server

    3. Locate the LicenseGM.bin file and rename it (this usually found in C:\programdata\GoldMine\ on a 64-bit server or C:\program files\GoldMine\ on a 32-bit server)

    4. Log back into GoldMine from the server

    5. Input the new (reduced) license number when prompted for GoldMine license information

    6. Log into GoldMine and verify that everything is functional 


    IMPORTANT NOTE: If you use GoldSync to synchronize with undocked users, you will need to recreate the undocked licenses and use the same steps from above to reserialize the undocked machines.

    Also note if you use GoldMine Mobile, you will need to reenter the GMME license (M-license) under tools>>configure>>license manager>>New.