Reports now being sent an hour later than expected - Daylight saving issue?

Version 2



    Reports that were being sent at 5pm are now being sent at 6pm, please see below and attached.  The settings haven't been changed on the tenant side, is this something that hasn't been configured on the HEAT server(s)?
    I have a report named, Aged Incidents 2+ Days, that is set to generate Mon – Fri at 5 pm (see A).
    After daylight savings over the weekend, the report is now being generated and email out 1 hour later.
    My computer is configured and displaying the correct times.
    How do I change the report to generate and be sent at 5 pm, as configured?
    I would not expect the answer is that I need to change the time on this report and any other reports by one hour (e.g. to 4 pm) after each daylight savings event.



    This is a known limitation of the system, as all report-related activity is managed in UTC.

    There is a workaround per the Online Help:

    Working with the Update Report Schedule DST Quick Action

    To ensure that scheduled reports run at the correct time during daylight savings time, run the Update Report Schedule DST quick action. You can either schedule it to run at certain intervals, such as daily or monthly, or you can manually run it any time.  When daylight savings time happens, the schedule shifts and the system runs the report at the correct time.

    For this quick action to run correctly, you must enter a value other than Your local time in either of the Time Zone fields; that is, you must select a specific time zone for the report schedule.

    Follow the steps below to manually run the Update Report Schedule DST quick action:

    1.Log in to the Service Desk Console.
    2.Open the Notification workspace.
    3.From the Action Menu, select No Category > Update Report Schedule DST. The system runs the Update Report Schedule DST quick action.
    If this workspace is not exposed in the tenant, you will need to add FRS_Notification as a Top Level Tab to the Admin role.

    If you see the actions are grayed out, then you most likely do not have any notifications in FRS_Notification.


    To fix this, create a new notification so the quick action has something to work from, even if no changes are being made to that notification. If there is at least one notification in the list, you should be able to select the action.