Manual stopping and starting the IPCM services or processing instead of rebooting.

Version 1


    What to do to 'restart' IPCM without rebooting the server.



    Shutting down IPCM Processes,

    1. In the Management Console, start with the top of the list and work down skipping the License Server.

    2. In Management Console Stop the License Server.

    3. Check in Windows Services for any remaining IPCM services still running and shut those down in any order. (These services are prefaced with IPCM in the name of the service)


    Starting IPCM services

    Once the services are all stopped, Wait 20 – 30 seconds.

    1. Start the IPCM License Server first from Windows Services,

    2. In Windows Services start the IPCM Management Agent Service

    3. In Windows Services start the IPCM Web Portal Service.

    4. Open Management Console and start the all services except the Contact Center and Voice Server,

    5. In Management Console start the Conctact Center Server.

    6. In Management Console start the Voice Server.

    7. Next start the rest of the services if any are still not running in Windows Services.

    Test to make sure that the IVR is working as expected and that agents can login and queues are showing data.