How can we display numeric only data in a field?

Version 1


    Is it possible to have a field on a form that will only allow numeric values to be entered and will not truncate leading or trailing zeroes? Example:  Field for last 4 digits of the Social Security Number.



    1.  Log all users out of HEAT, stop all services, and in a new Edit Set add a new field to your table for the last 4 digits of the SSN.

    2.  Set the field Field Type as Text with a Size of 4.

    3.  Click the New button next to Format in order to create the numeric only mask for the field.

    4.  In the Text Format box, Name the new Mask using a unique name and offer a Description if needed.

    5.  In the Mask field enter 9999.  This will restrict the field's text entry to only numbers 0-9.

    6.  Click Ok to exit out of the Text Format window.

    7.  Add the field to your form and select File>> Commit to commit the changes.

    8.  Login to Call Logging and test the new field.  It should only allow numeric values; preceding or trailing zeroes should not be dropped.