MRU List - Recent Viewed List under the File option in Console

Version 2

    Where can you change the information that is shown in the MRU List?




    It’s the same options used on an Object for what is shown in the Console Titlebar and is for the object listed.

    So you’d find it on Incident, Problem, Change etc… objects.



    So for example if you are looking to change the information that is shown for the recent viewed Incident you will need to go to Object Designer - Incident Managment and double click on Incident.


    It's the attributes you have chosed in the "LANDesk IT Business Management Console Title Attribute" under the "User Interface Properties" that will show in the recent viewed list.


    Note: Only newly created incidents will appear with the modification made. The previous ones will still be in the old format.



    For privileges to show the MRU List, please see below link: