How to break up text entered into a Request Offering field used in email notifications into multiple paragraphs with carriage returns

Version 1


    You need to break up some text entered in as a field default value expression across multiple lines i.e. usage of \r \n.   However the email notification that gets sent with this text in the email body appears as a single line of text rather than across multiple lines / paragraphs.


    "Text, Number or Mask Field" controls do not support carriage returns or line feeds in stored data.  Any such characters entered into the field value using \r\n expression syntax will be stripped from the saved data.

    The "Text Area" control allows the user to enter properly formatted, multi line / paragraph content without the need for encoding line feeds or carriage returns.

    Correct syntax for new lines or carriage returns is as per below:

    "Line1" + "\r\n" + "Line2" + "\r\n" + "Line3"

    Resulting text:

    N.B. When sending emails in HTML format, the above expression formatting will be ignored.  The email format has to be text only.