How to set a default fields that show in ITSM for when you use “Search and Link”

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    How to set a default fields that show in ITSM for when you use the “Search and Link” for a child item (for example, clicking “Search and Link” on the CI tab on a Change record)




    As shown above, out of the box uses “CI Owner Like”.  This is set in a definition set, on the CI Object field properties for “Owner”:


    As shown above, the first important piece is “Commonly searched field” on the Advanced tab.



    So, if I want to include “Category” in my search, I will also need to set this on the Category field, on the CI object:

    Note:  If you are performing this on a group object, you will need to say yes when prompted

    Having done this, my default search is now Category:


    This has overridden the “Owner”, because even though both are commonly searched, it will default to whichever is alphabetically first.  On that same basis, it also defaulted to “Like Computer”, because Computer is alphabetically first.


    As such, if you want a specific field to be the default, and ensure that other “alphabetically first” fields do not override it, ensure that you remove the setting from the other fields.


    The other means of managing default searches is by completely overriding the ability to set searches, and instead, hard-set it for all users.  To do this, with the above example, edit the layout for the Change object. On the CI tab, right-click, and select Tab Container Properties:



    On the Behavior tab, click on the Search Constraints button.  Now, you can set your search constraints:

    Using the above example, the search is now overridden with only the constraint I specified: