How to configure the Resolve Incident prompt to display existing information?

Version 1


    When an incident has been resolved and then set back to active, when running the Resolve Incident quick action you are prompted for new information. Can you have the prompt display what the resolution field already contains so you don't have to write it up again?


    You can have the prompt return the value that already exists in the Resolution field by adding the Resolution field name to the defaultValue entry position in the prompt string. This means that when I run the QA, it will display what is already in the resolution field if anything is there, if not it will be empty for me to type into.  The string for this, using the OOB quick action as an example is:

    $(Prompt("Resolution Details",  "",  400,  200,  false,  false,  Resolution))

    This was extrapolated from the online help information for the prompt function.