How to show the print icon on the reports

Version 1


    Currently, reports have an export option but not a printing option. Using the browser function of CTRL-P to print is recommended in the documentation. This article shows how to add the print icon to the reports.


    The reports are shown and printed using the native controls of SQL Server Reporting Services, so in fact, there is a Print button available as alternative to use the Control+P recommended in the documentation, but only under some circumstances. The Print button is an ActiveX from SSRS called RSClientPrint,  so it is only available for Internet Explorer. It must be enabled in  the SSRS configuration, and the IE must be configured to allow ActiveX.  Please read this Microsoft's article where it is explained:

    Basically, these are the steps for using it in Internet Explorer:

    1. Use IE, and enable ActiveX for the HEAT site. The easiest way is adding the URL of the HEAT application to the Local Intranet sites, and configure the security to medium-low or a lower one.

    2. Configure SSRS for printing. Please connect with SQL Server Management Studio to the SSRS

    3. In the properties of the SSRS, mark Enable download for the ActiveX client print control.

    4. Now,  access the reports from IE, you will be able to see the printing  button. The first time that it is used, it will download the ActiveX and  will install it

    Unfortunately Google Chrome and Firefox do not support ActiveX natively. There are no official plugins for enabling this possibility, like for Chrome or for Firefox, but there can imply a security risk and we cannot recommend their use.