How do I set the default locale for all users?

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    All our users are in Australia. When they login, the default locale of en-US is used, even though en-AU is enabled in the tenant (Configure Application > Configure > Organization Profile > Languages). This means all date fields show as mm/dd/yyyy (US format) instead of dd/mm/yyyy (Australian format).   I know this can be changed by each user individually by changing their Locale to English (Australia) via the 'Change Locale' menu.   Is there a way I can set that as the default locale for all users?



    This can be done by setting the correct preferred language(s) in your browser. 

    HEAT Cloud uses the locale requested by the language settings of the web browser to select the correct locale. That is to say, if your browser sends 'en-AU' as the first supported language (i.e. before any other supported locale) then HEAT will use that to select the en-AU locale by default (until you override that by changing locale manually which will set your preference in a browser cookie). 

    For Chrome you can check your language settings at: chrome://settings/languages


    For IE you can look in Tools > Internet Options > General > Appearance > Languages 

    To summarize: 

    If the browser has a locale cookie set by HEAT Cloud, then the value in the cookie is taken. This would be the case once the user has manually selected a locale from the 'Change Locale' menu.

    If no browser cookie is found then the language(s) sent by the browser (in the header of the HTTP(S) request) are enumerated and the first configured, matching locale is selected. 

    If no accepted language matches with a configured locale then the default en-US locale is used. The en-US locale cannot be disabled.