What is the limit to the number of F2 lookup entries that can be added to an F2 lookup list?

Version 1


    We want to create an F2 lookup list with a few hundred entries and want to know what the limit is for the number of entries in an F2 lookup list.


    1 - There is not a known limit to the number of items that can be in an F2 lookup list.
    2 - A few hundred items will work fine in an F2 lookup list.
    3 - Note that the displayed amount of F2 Lookup entries relates to the set display set by the GoldMine Administrator via Tools  >> Configure >> System Settings >> Tab Display >> Maximum records shown in Contact Search Center,.... and by default only 500 will load at one time, the same behavior, for example, in the Contact Search Center results. If applicable the list can be expanded by scrolling further upon the set limit.

    NB: Please discuss with your GoldMine Administrator if a displayed limit should be considered, as any change may impact the overall performance of GoldMine.