How to schedule and automate recurring Tasks or other actions

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    Is there a way to automate repeatable tasks? For example, every month at the same time, certain tasks need to be created to request audit information from different teams.  I know we can set up one ticket and create the tasks multiple times with different start and end dates, but the email notifications will go out at the time the ticket was created, so people will lose sight of the task.

    Is there an automated way around this?



    You can use the Schedule Entry object to create a recurring trigger that can be used to automate workflows.

    For example, you can create a Schedule Entry called 'Monthly' that triggers on the first of every month; you can then create a workflow against the Schedule Entry object that uses it as the trigger, and the workflow will run on the first of the month. The workflow can then generate a new record, run quick actions, send notifications, or anything else you configure it to do.

    You can examine the out of the box workflows that are currently configured to run on a schedule (Like the LDAP Sync, for example)  by selecting Workflow -> Workflows in the Admin UI, and scrolling down to the Schedule Entry section. 

    If you are going to create a new workflow to run on a schedule, select ScheduleEntry as the business object: