Is there a way to show the time in the user's local time for GoldMine when they are accessing GoldMine via an RDP session to the server?

Version 1


    Many of our remote users access GoldMine via Remote Desktop sessions.  We would like the time that the user sees via Remote Desktop as their local time.  Can this be done?


    1 - The GoldMine Program is not time zone aware and does not have ways to alter time zone based on user login.   2 - The GoldMine Server time is the time respected on the network and via Remote Desktop session. 3 - The way to ensure that user's see the correct time is to set them up as an undocked users with their own databases on their own machine so that what the user views is in their local time zone. 4 - Note that if the user has a laptop for example and travels they will see their system time and not the timezone they have.