How to expand a field across the width of the form

Version 1


    Customer is trying to modify the look of the form by expanding the Comments field across the entire width of the form



      1. Launch Configure Application 
      2. Select the Business Object you wish to modify, ie.      Incident
      3. Select the Form  ie. Incident Details
      4. If  you do not have the Comments on your form,      drag the "Related Objects List" from the Other under the field      to your form as shown below or skip to Step 5

      1. Enable the "Show Layout Cells" and      "Allow Uneven Layout"

      1. Click on your Related Objects List
      2. Click on the Cells Properties 
      3. Click in the Column Span's Value column and change the      number to match that of the columns on the grid

      1. Save
      2. Save the Form