When double clicking a history item that is an activity type of "Form" GoldMine only launches the history item details of merging a document not the actual document itself.  We thought it was supposed to open the document.

Version 1


    We were under the understanding that when double clicking the history item of a merged document that was created from the Document Management Center in GoldMine that the document was supposed to open.  What happens is a history item opens, not the document.  Where do we open the document from?



    1 - When double clicking on a history item of "Form" only the history details of the merged form are available.
    2 - To see the actual linked document (if the option to save a copy of the linked document was chosen at the time of merge), please open the document from the Links tab in GoldMine.
    3 - This applies only to single merges but not to mass mail merges via the Print Option within the Document Management Center as here a mail merge document is created in Microsoft Word with the desired GoldMine data as data source