'Do you really want to cancel this operation?' message appears when running GoldMine maintenance and no Cancel button was clicked.

Version 1


    When a GoldMine administrator tries to perform GoldMine maintenance the below message appears

    Even though the Cancel button was not clicked.



    The user who is performing the GoldMine maintenance has a forced logout value set. This means that the user will be logged out when GoldMine is idle for [X] minutes.

    During the maintenance process GoldMine will appear to be idle, so the system will read the idle timeout setting and try and close the GoldMine application causing the warning message to appear.

    To disable the Forced Logout setting please use the steps below.

    1. Log into GoldMine as a user with MASTER rights
    2. Tools > User Settings
    3. Highlight the user that runs the maintenance
    4. Click Properties
    5. Select the Profile tab
    6. Click Forced Logout...
    7. Uncheck the box "Log out user and terminate GoldMine when idle for a period of time"

    8. Click OK to apply the change.
    9. Click OK to close the user properties.
    10. Click Close to close the user settings.
    11. Log the user out of GoldMine then back in again for the setting to take effect.
    12. Run GoldMine maintenance again.