How to add Change to My Items

Version 1


    By default, My Items in Self Service displays Incident, Service request, and Approvals. You may wish for Self Service users to also be able to see their Changes, and the object can be added to My Items using the configuration below. You can add other objects, such as Problem for example, using the same framework and modifying the specific references.



    Part 1: Add new Business Rule ‘Add Change to My Item’
    1. Log in to Admin Role
    2. Select Configure Application
    3. Select Business Objects
    4. Select Change
    5. Select Business Rules
    6. Expand Triggered Actions
    7. Click Add Trigger
    8. Name Rule ‘Add Change to My Item’
    9. Check ‘On Insert’
    10. Click Next
    11. Check Configure New Action
    12. Select Action Type: ‘Insert Child Object’
    13. Click Next
    14. Select Child Object Type: ChangeAssociatedFRS_MyItem
    15. Add fields as below:

    16.        Save


    Part 2: Create ‘Update My Item for Change Quick Action’

    17.        Select Automation Tools

    18.        Select Actions

    19.        Click Add/Edit next to FRS_MyItem

    20.        Select Create New Actions

    21.        Select Update Object

    22.        Enter name: Update My Item for Change

    23.        Enter fields as below:


    24.        Save


    Part 3: Add new Business Rule ‘Update Change to My Item’


    25.        Select Business Objects

    26.        Select Change

    27.        Select Business Rules

    28.        Select Triggered Actions

    29.        Select Add Trigger

    30.        Name Rule ‘Update Change to My Item’

    31.        Check ‘On Update’

    32.        Click Next

    33.        Check Configure New Action

    34.        Select Action Type: ‘Run for Child’

    35.        Select Child Object and Relationship: ChangeAssociatedFRS_MyItem

    36.        Action to Run: Update My Item for Change

    37.        Save


    Part 4: Load new My Item Parent Object Type

    38.        Select Pick Lists

    39.        For the Pick List ‘ObjType of FRS_MyItemParentObjType’, click the values link

    40.        Click Add

    41.        Enter ‘Change’

    42.        Save


    Part 5: Configure Self Service Role to View Change in My Items

    43.        Select Users and Permissions

    44.        Select Roles and Permissions

    45.        Select Self Service role

    46.        Choose Top Level Tabs

    47.        Select My Items

    48.        Click the Green Plus

    49.        For Object Name, select Change

    50.        Click Configure

    51.        For Single Layout, select Change

    52.        Save