Attachments from incoming emails not saved to business object

Version 1


    When an incoming email with an attachment is received, the Business Object (Change) is created but the attachments that came with the email are not saved onto the Change. The attachments are saved onto the Email business object but we want them to be linked to the actual main business object - ie the Change or the Release or the Incident. 



    1. Log into Self Service with Admin role

    2, Select Configure Application

    3, Select Business Objects

    4.  Select Change
    5. Select Layouts
    6. Select the Layout (eg. IncidentLayout.Servicedesk) and Formview.

    7. Click on the Attachment object in the child panels

    8. Click on the Email Attachments link

    9. Check the 'Show rollup records by default' box. Save

    10. Repeat for the Task links if desired to other objects if this does not exist within other objects you will need to add 
         role up sequence like it is setup in incident. Save. Repeat for other Layouts if needed.