This product doesn't have an update available in the netupdate system.  It is possible that you have the latest version.

Version 1


    When you try and perform a net-Update to update to the latest version of GoldMine you receive the below message, even thought you know there is a newer version of the GoldMine product available.


    The Net-Update feature although still in the GoldMine menu is not active anymore for GoldMine Premium Edition.
    Customers looking to update to the latest available version of GoldMine Premium Edition can find this located on the GoldMine support site under the drivers and downloads section for GoldMine Premium Edition.

    - Open your web browser and navigate to
    - Enter your username and password (If you do not have a username or password please Email our customer care team  who will be able to assist)
    - In the left navigation pane select Drivers and Downloads

    - Select GoldMine from the list of products

    - From the available drop down list select GoldMine Premium Edition

    - The top result is always the latest available version.  Please click the link to download the install file