How to allow ownership of Knowledge articles for users' secondary teams

Version 1


    On the Knowledge object, only Employees whose Primary Team is the OwnerTeam appear in the Owner dropdown. 

    You need all Owners to appear who are linked to the Team, regardless of whether the Knowledge OwnerTeam is their Primary Team or Secondary Team. 

    There are three Employees who have Accounting as their Primary Team.

    Another Employee has Accounting as a Secondary Team.

    The Employee with a Secondary Team of Accounting does not appear in the Owner dropdown on Knowledge. 




    You can change the Pick List constraint used on the Owner field to look through the relationship between Employee and StandardUserTeam. 

    - Log in to the tenant with the Administrator role
    - Go to Configure Application
    - Go to Pick Lists
    - Select the Pick List used on the Owner field
    Out of the box, the Pick List is "Owner of ProfileEmployee used in FRS_Knowledge".

    - Change the Constraints section

    Original constraint: Team Equal to $([ValidationList]OwnerTeam)

    New constraint: [StandardUserTeam#.Rev2]Team Equal to $([ValidationList]OwnerTeam)

    - Save the change to the Pick List

    After this update, all Employees linked to the selected OwnerTeam are visible in the Owner dropdown.