What are compatibility levels of SQL?

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    What are compatibility levels of SQL?



    Source: https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/bb510680.aspx

    SQL Server 2000 – 80
    SQL Server 2005 – 90
    SQL Server 2008 – 100
    SQL Server 2012 – 110
    SQL Server 2014 – 120

    It’s also worth noting that the compatibility level is only available  for 3 previous versions (including the one that you are on) from the  current version of SQL Server that you are working with.  Here is a  listing of the available compatibility levels:

    Compatibility Levels
    VersionCurrent Compatibility LevelOldest Available Compatible Level
    SQL 2014120100
    SQL 201211090
    SQL 2008/2008R210080
    SQL 20059070
    SQL 20008070

    It is absolutely recommended and partly necessary to run GoldMine Premium Edition databases always with the highest available (current used Microsoft SQL Server version) compatibility level. This needs to be checked and if applicable adjusted usually when Microsoft SQL Server is upgraded and / or database backups from older Microsoft SQL Server are restored  on a different instance of Microsoft SQL Server e.g. after migrating a GoldMine system.

    1. Open the Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio
    2. Browse to the GoldMine database
    3. Right Click > Properties
    4. On the left navigation tree > Browse to Options
    5.  Verify in the top area the Compatibility Level setting >  If applicable change to the actual used Microsoft SQL version - usually this is the  highest possible setting > OK