Possibility of setting the email field to show a dynamic user name search

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    When sending an email from an incident, there is no dynamic search when inputting the ''to'' email address. Is it possible to do this?



    Customers can create a new ToAddr_Link field to replace the ToAddrList unicode Text field on the form. This will require adding a field, relationship and editing rule. Proceeding will remove the ability to use the Address Book on the visibly displayed To line and will limit you to one entry only. Customers can use CC for additional addresses.

    To do this:

    Launch Configure Application
    Select Business Objects
    Find the Journal.Email business object
    Create a new Link field called "ToAddr_Link"
    Create a new Relationship to the FRS_CompositeContract_Contact table (name appropriately) where ToAddr_Link = RecID, as shown below:

    Next, select the Forms tab
    Select the Form "Journal.Email.new"
    Move the original To and Address Book controls below the Subject
    On the control, disable Visibility (this field will still be populated with only the one entry)
    Expand the Journal.Email fields
    Drag the new ToAddr_Link Field to the form in the previous To's place
    In the Control Properties for the field, ensure the "Display Field" contains the following value: [Frs_CompositeContract_Contact]DisplayName
    Next, select the Business Rules tab
    Create a new Editing rule setting the ToAddrList to $([OtherObject]PrimaryEmail) when the ToAddr_Link field is changed

    Save the Edit rule
    Refresh your browser