Where is the URL that is returned by the function GetSurveyURL() set?

Version 1


    The function GetSurveyURL() is used as part of the URL configuration that is in the email, that is sent to users inviting them to submit a survey.

    In the Out of the Box configuration the URL is configured as follows:

    <a href='$(GetSurveyURL())&amp;survey_name=$(GetSurveyName("DefaultSurveyName"))&amp;customer_id=$(GetApplicationId())&amp;ot=Incident&amp;oid=$(RecId)&amp;page_index=0'>Click here to fill out survey</a>

    When the email is sent, the call to the GetSurveyURL() function is replaced with the value: http://{HEAT Application Server Name}:{Port}/FRSSurvey/Public/TakeSurvey.aspx?action=take_survey

    This article provides the information about where the value that the GetSurveyURL() function returns is stored.



    The value that the GetSurveyURL() function returns is set in the ConfigDB in the Survey Information workspace: