How to send an email to the Incident Owner when ownership is assigned, but only when assigning to someone else

Version 1



    Out of the box, there is an Incident Triggered Action called "Owner Assigned". This trigger action sends an email to the Owner when the Owner is set/changed.

    You want this email notification to be sent only if the person is assigning the Incident to themselves. 
    If someone else assigns an Incident to you, you wish to be notified.
    If you assign an Incident to yourself you do not need the email notification. 




    - Log in to the tenant with the Administrator role
    - Go to Configure Application
    - Go to Business Objects > Incident > Business Rules > Triggered Actions
    - Edit the 'Owner Assigned' rule
    - Add the Conditional Expression: 
    $(if LastModBy == [Employee#.owner]LoginID then false else true)
    - Save changes

    When the user who modifies the Owner is the same as the new Owner then the notification will not be sent.