How to allow users to reopen Incidents via Self-service.

Version 1


    We need to find out how to reopen a Incident or Service Request via Self-service. If the user is not agreeable to the Fulfilled or Resolved status then the user should be able to reopen the case.



    First, create a Quick Action for Incident that sets the Status to Active. You will need to ensure that the 'Auto-Save' checkbox is enabled.
    1. Log into the Admin role
    2. Select the Incident Workspace
    3. Select Action Menu -> Edit Actions
    4. Select Create New Actions
    5. Select Update Action
    6. Choose a Name (Reopen Incident)
    7. Select Field Name = Status
    8. Select Field Value = Active
    9. Check Auto-Save on the right
    10. Save the QA
    Then, add a button to the Self Service form that calls that quick action. We'll set it to only be visible when the record is in a Resolved state.
    1. Select Configure Application
    2. Select Business Objects
    3. Select Incident
    4. Select Forms
    5. Select Incident.Webselfservice.Edit
    6. On the left, expand the Other folder
    7. Highlight the Command Button and drag it onto the form where desired (for example next to 'Close Incident')
    8. Highlight the new button and modify the values in the left panel;
    9. For Action, select Reopen Incident (or the name given to the quick action created in the first step)
    10. In the Image line, you can select an icon for the button
    11. Change the Label to 'Reopen Incident' (or set as desired)
    12. Set the Visible Expression to $(Status == "Resolved")
    13. Set the Width as desired (If your button  is labelled 'Reopen Incident', then 11 is a good size)
    14. Save the Form

    Now, when you open a Resolved Incident in My Items, you should see this button, which will allow you to reopen the Incident. Depending on your existing processes, it may produce a prompt to give a reason (this is "out of the box" behavior).

    You can also add a notification to the Owner of the Incident in the first section if desired, by making the quick action a Composite action and adding an email portion.