Workaround: How to use the comma (,) as decimal delimiter in a Currency field

Version 1


    You are planning to use a currency field with a comma as decimal delimiter, as it is common for example with the Euro. By default, the currency fields do not allow to use the comma as decimal delimiter. This article shows a possible workaround for this limitation.



    The example works for CI#VirtualServer, but it would be equal for any BO. Please follow these steps:


    1.     Please add a Currency field to the CI object and two text fields, one for storing the value and another one for storing the currency:

    The field for the currency takes the value from the pick list called “CurrencyCodeTypeValidation”

    2.     Then, in the BO CI#VirtualServer, please add a Before-save rule with these configurations. It copies the values from the two text fields to the actual Currency field

    3.     Finally, add the fields to the form Ci.VirtualServer.Details.  In the example all those fields are added  just for testing, but usually you should add only the two text fields and not the currency one.

    4.      When the form is saved, the values are copied and validated.

    5.     In this way, it is possible to use the currency field for operations and reports with HEAT, and use the text fields only for typing and storing the values.