How to make child panel tabs visible when the form is loaded?

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    When you open an incident records there are child panel tabs displayed showing related objects.  Sometimes not all of the child panel tabs are visible.  This article walks through the steps to make the child panels tabs visible.


    Here are the steps to make child panel tabs available when a form is loaded.  In this example we will be working with the IncidentLayout.ServiceDesk layout.

    1. Log into the application under the Admin role
    2. Click on Configure Application
    3. Click on Business Objects
    4. Click on Incident
    5. Click on Layouts
    6. Click on: IncidentLayout.ServiceDesk
    7. Click on: formview
    8. Under child panels, set the option under the 'Initially Visible' column for any child panels that you would like to see when the form associated to that layout is opened.