One Way Audio

Version 1


    Calls to agents suddenly have the Audio on one side of the conversation ( can only be heard by one side ) Calls where working great at one point. Now calls in bound or out, are having trouble with Hearing one side of the conversation.



    Present environment,  - IPCM, Installed version lower or prior to version, i.e., 5.7, etc,,,

    Cisco Call Managers SIP,   upgraded to version 10.5 or newer.

    Audio traffic is managed and handed out slightly differently in this version of CCM. Older version of IPCM cannot assemble the conversation (Audio) properly.  In short,  IPCM version prior to are not compatible with Cisco Call Manager 10 or newer.

    IPCM 2015 is available for down load, for free, at the customer self-service site. The Link is a the bottom of this article.  If you require a older version, and you can only upgrade to 5.8.191 version at the moment, Contact Technical Support and a 5.8.191 Installer can be made available.