How to change the name of "New URL" button.

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    Is it possible to change "New URL" button name from below?



    You should be able to change the name of the button by following these steps:

    1.  Login to the application as an Administrator.

    2.  Go to Configure Application.

    3.  Go to Build>> Business Objects>> Incident>> Layouts and edit the layout in question.

    4.  Click on "formView" under "Views in this layout".

    5.  Under Child Panels section, find the Attachment object and click on the Edit box for the Toolbar.

    6.  In the upper left part of the Toolbar Editor window, you should see the "New URL" button listed there with a pencil (Edit) icon.  Click on the Edit Icon.

    7.  On the General tab, change the "Text:" value from Default to Custom and rename the button to what you please.

    8.  Save the changes.

    9.  Test the change by refreshing the application.