HowTo: SSL configuration - Configure the App and Web servers to sync cache on port 443 (SSL) instead of port 80

Version 2


    In certain situations it is desirable to move all traffic between multiple app and web servers to SSL.  By default the cache sync operation uses port 80 rather than port 443.  If there is a firewall blocking port 80 between servers in the app/web server cluster there may be significant latency especially during login.  Additionally there will be an error in the event viewer stating Failed to synchronize cache in servers: {servernames}



    Reconfigured web.config file on each app and web server as follows:
    C:\Program Files\HEAT Software\HEAT\AppServer\Web.config
    at roughly Line 211 change
         <add key="AppServerToAppServerProtocol" value="http">
         <add key="AppServerToAppServerProtocol" value="https">
    After this change was made and all servers were allowed to communicate through the firewall on port 443 the system latency issue was mitigated.
    Additionally the Webservers workspace in the ConfigDB should reflect the FQDN of each webserver rather than the hostname in order to avoid certificate errors on the cache sync operation.