How to disable "Edit Request" on Service Request template when ServiceReq.<Boolean field> is True

Version 1


    Request Offering is "Edit Request" enabled but would like to disable "Edit Request" if Boolean field on ServiceReq = True. 




    1. Open Configure Application
    2. Click on Business Objects and select ServiceReq
    3. Add new Boolean field if one doesn't exist and Save
    4. Add Boolean field to ServiceReqHeader.New form and Save
    5. Click on Business Rules
    6. Create new Trigger based "On Update of Specific Field"
    7. In Field drop-down, select new Boolean field
    8. Select "is set to" and type in the value "True"
    9. Click Next and select "Configure New Action" then select "Update Object"
    10. Scroll down until you find the field "Force Not Editable" and in the Value column, type in "True" and save
    11. Refresh the Client and select the new Boolean on any editable Service Request
    12. Save and the "Edit Request" will disappear