Scheduled report produces different data from manual run of the same report

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    I have a scheduled report which runs every Friday called [REPORT].

    The report uses a report template named REPORT_v3. The template was recently updated.

    When the report runs at the scheduled time, the report received is different than the report I see when running this manually from the report screen.  The manual run produces the correct data, but the scheduled report still shows data consistent with the previous template (REPORT_v2). Why is there a discrepancy between the run methods?




    When a report schedule is created, a copy of the report template is taken at that time for use.

    When you run an ad-hoc report, it takes the template at the current time (now) to build the report. It is due to this behavior that you see that difference as your schedules are still using templates that were taken at the time of schedule creation.

    A new schedule needs to be created in order for a new report template to be used.