Is there a way to replace the Frontrange Solutions branding from the application Logon screen with our own company branding?

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    A company would like to remove Frontrange Solutions logo from the application logon screen and replace it with their own company logo and information. There currently is no option to allow this information to be changed through the application, but this can be accomplished by modifying the content of the files providing the branding.

    (Note: these changes would be overwritten during an upgrade, re-install or modification of the installation.)




    Please note that the solution described in this article is not provided under standard support guidelines and is not supported.
    We do not support any backend modifications of file content and might not be able to assist with any issues resulting from these changes. We therefore suggest that you backup any files before modifying these, in case you would have to restore the original version

    The Frontrange logo on the Login screen is located in
    C:\Program Files\FrontRange Solutions\HEAT\AppServer\images under the name 'FR_RGB_lrg.jpg' You can replace this Logo with your own by saving your own Logo under the same name in that same location (after backing up the original file). 

    The Frontrange Solutions logo and the remaining text underneath the logo (towards the bottom of the Login pag)e can be found in the Login.aspx (C:\Program Files\FrontRange Solutions\HEAT\AppServer):

    HEAT Service Management
    To learn more about our innovative IT Service Management solutions, visit our website at
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    Open the file on Notepad (or a similar text editor) and modify the information between the tags (in red), then save.

                <div class="visible-desktop span7 offset1 full-height">                    

                    <div class="logo logo-area"></div>

                    <h1 class="header">

                         HEAT Service Management                        


                    <div class="footer">

                        <p>To learn more about our innovative IT Service Management solutions, visit our website at <a href="" target="_blank"></a>.</p>

                        <p>Copyright &copy; 2005-2014 FrontRange Solutions USA Inc. All rights reserved.</p>


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