The FULF.Authserver.Log file is taking up a lot of space on our server.

Version 1


    The Fulf.AuthServer.Log file is the log that is written to whenever a user logs in to 6x or 7x versions. It will log their LoginID and the attached module GUID's (Incident, Change, etc) that their session uses. This file will continue to grow until the "FrontRange License Authentication Server" service is stopped and then started again (not restarted).


    Via Services console, stop the "FrontRange License Authentication Server" service.

    Via Services console, start the "FrontRange License Authentication Server" service.

    - The FULF.Authserver.Log file should now be at 0kb.

    If for some reason stopping/starting the service does not clear the log file you can stop the service and manually delete it, as a new one will be created when the service starts again.